Our content editor and supporting publishing tools enable your organization to build, re-use, and deliver rich, multi-channel communications through a clear and robust delivery environment.  You can send all manner of content, over all communication mediums, while monitoring and managing engagement with your audience, both internal to your organization and outside to your customers. Within minutes you can be crafting absolutely stunning communications that leverages the best technologies of the web, delivered the way you choose.



Beautiful across all devices

Your Communic8 messages leverage modern day web technologies and best-practices. You can be certain your communications will work perfectly on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.



powerful & Easy

The Communic8 platform was engineered from the beginning with usability in mind. Just grab one of our beautiful templates, and in minutes you will be sending rich media content. Re-use your favorite designs, or pull from a community of pre-built content. 



Deep Analytics

Go beyond the usual analytics, dig deeper into your employee and customer engagement and make better informed decisions. From aggregated high level data which informs you of how your communication is resonating with your target audience, down to the behaviors of the individual.



Native appS

  • As an optional add-on, the Communic8 iOS and Android native mobile applications support a unique experience for your employee and customer engagement, centralizing core communications to be delivered via notifications to personal or work-supplied mobile phones.

  • The business apps can also become the central space to access other digital tools and applications, offering a one-stop-shop for managing employees.

  • To fully support your mobile initiative for effective employee/customer engagement, we provide an optional fully branded app.



Multiple Distribution Channels

Email just doesn’t cut it anymore. Communic8 distributes your content across multiple channels while offering rich user experience that provides you with deep insights into how your audience is engaging with your content.




Not only do we protect your data with today's latest best practice approach to security, we give you full control over how your communications are presented to the user and where your data is geographically stored. We give you the power to set message viewing time limits, number of views, and we give you the power to make updates or deactivate the message at any time. 



Our integration allows you to sync contacts and organizational staff attributes between Communic8 and the application. Our list of supported integration points is growing everyday. Contact us directly if you need custom integration built for your needs.



Base Features

With every base instance of Communic8 you have the following standard features…


Full Data Analytics

Full campaign analytics, email, SMS and mobile app tracking

Multichannel Distribution

Send unlimited communications via multiple distribution channels


SMS Ready

SMS communication ready after top-up

Data Isolation

Geographically isolate your data to a specific region


Enterprise Level Security

Enterprise level security & encryption standards

Social Media Publishing

Publish directly to most popular social media channels


Data Import / Export

Import recipient data directly into the platform

Custom Sub-domain

Customize your web presence with a branded domain


GDPR Compliant

Recipient and employee privacy protected w/ full GDPR compliance

Content Editor

Content creation and publishing platform


Customer Support Portal

Support article & issue tracking portal, in-app support

Default Templates

Rich set of ever growing design templates tailored to your needs



Optional Add-ons

Choose from our list of optional add-ons to get more out of your instance


Native Mobile App

Native iOS and Android app so your users receive all their communications in one convenient location

White Label Native App

Take your mobile app to the next level by providing a fully branded iOS and Android app by making it your own


Custom Client Branding

Customize your email footer and communications to reflect your company branding

Template Packs

Utilize pre-created, proven content packs such as change management


Custom Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your back-office systems to leverage existing data with Communic8

Single Sign-on

Make it easier for your administrators to login to their administrative instance