Last updated July 31, 2018


The Platform Services Description is a high level description of our platform with some basic additional information you should be aware of.


The Communic8 Platform is a communication platform that enables transparent and continuous engagement across targeted recipient groups and additionally, targeted communication down to the individual recipient. Recipients are as defined in our Terms of Use definition as a Contact.

Member account users of the Communic8 Platform (Administrators) are responsible for the management of:

  • Contacts

  • Communication content

  • Communication campaigns

  • Their Administrator accounts


Fixed monthly subscription fee:

  • Enterprise: 10 Administrator accounts

  • Custom: For additional Administrator accounts, add-ons or product variations, contact your Communic8 Reseller

Monthly active Contact fees:

  • Mobile app registered Contact per month fee

Other optional add-on services or features:

  • SMS (optional) pre-pay fees

  • Unbranded native iOS and Android app

  • White label native iOS and Android app

  • Custom client branding enabled communications

  • Template packs

  • Integration

  • Custom integration

  • Single sign-on


The total monthly Platform fees billed to the Member is based on the total sum of the fixed monthly subscription fee, plus any registered mobile Contact fees, plus any optional add-on services or features.


To utilize the Communic8 Platform, or any Communic8 optional add-on service or feature, you must be a registered Member of the Platform.


Minimum Term: The minimum term to be a Member of the Platform is a period of 1 fixed monthly subscription period.

Termination of service: The Member must cancel their subscription to the platform prior to the next monthly subscription period.

Fees: Subscription fees, usage fees and optional add-on costs are published in the current Communic8 Price Book.

Decommissioning fees: For Members of the Platform who would like their data to be maintained (hosted) on the Platform post termination of their service, they will incur a monthly fixed flat fee as outlined in the current Communic8 Price Book.

Data lifespan: Analytics data will have a rolling lifespan of 6 months for non-aggregated data.

Media storage: Each Member instance is limited to 5GB of media storage on the Platform. Additional media storage may be purchased at an additional cost as outlined in the Communic8 Price Book.

SMS fees: The Member is responsible for pre-paying for their expected SMS costs. See SMS pricing in the Communic8 Price Book for details and technical considerations.